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Food Trade

We offer a wide range of food trade compliant workwear from stock, with lead times as low as 5 working days from point of order, meaning you can get up and running in no time.

For customers looking for a more personalised touch, why not speak to us about designing your own style? Our bespoke offerings are affordable and manufactured to a superb quality.

Every year new fabrics and garments are developed which help us offer fabrics suitable for any environment. We are here to help and support you to make an informed decision with your garment choice. For more information or to arrange a meeting, click the link below.

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Garment Details

We source food trade garments from several suppliers in the UK, below are the categories we offer:

  • Chefs wear – Including Jackets, Trousers and Hats
  • Food Trade Jackets and Coats – Polycotton and Cotton Rich Options
  • Food Trade Trousers – Polycotton and Cotton Rich Options
  • Food Trade Overalls – Polycotton and Cotton Rich Options
  • Food Trade Hats – Polycotton Options
  • Bib Aprons – Butchers Cotton and Polycotton Options
  • Bakers Tops – Polycotton and Cotton Rich Options

To arrange an appointment to see our range and discuss your requirements please:


For a fully managed workwear service, we recommend a Full Rental service. This gives you a fixed weekly charge which includes: the cost of your garments, two weeks stock, repairs, alterations, laundering, delivery and collection. This can be combined with our locker service to allow us to manage your collection and delivery location.

For infrequent wearers, we also offer a Split Rental service, simply put, this splits the cost of the full rental service into a “Weekly Rental” price and an “As and When Launder” price. You rent the total number of garments you require each week, and pay a launder cost when you send them in for cleaning. This service does not include repairs, so it is best suited for wearers who find themselves going weeks without requiring garments to be laundered.

In addition to the above, we also offer direct purchase on all of our garments.

All of our rental agreements fully pay off the cost of the garments over the agreed term, meaning that when your agreement with us ends, you have nothing left to pay, it’s simple! Please see below for details on what happens when you add new wearers.

We visually inspect all of our garments three times throughout the cleaning process, this is where the vast majority of our repairs are picked up.

For hard to see repairs, such as pockets tearing, or crutch seams, we ask our customers to fill in a repair label (provided), and stick it over the garment barcode. This is then picked up when we scan the garments into the plant and repaired before the garments are returned.

Better yet! All of our repairs are completed before the next scheduled delivery, meaning wearers won’t be waiting for their garments to be returned.


Firstly, we get in touch with you. No garments are replaced without written authorisation from our customer.

If you wish to replace a garment, then you simply settle the remaining balance on that garment and we arrange a replacement. The balance of the garment is based on the cost price of the garment and any logo badges you have had added, we do not charge for any hypothetical launder costs that will be missed by closing that rental early.

New wearers can be added to our agreements at any time, they can either be added on their own term, or they can be added to the remaining term left on your original agreement, by doing this, you ensure that you have nothing left to pay at the end of your agreement.



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