Workplace Locker Services

Managed workplace lockers for workwear are a great way to not only keep a changing room or canteen tidy, but also to limit the ability for your rental work clothes to go missing.

With the option of combination locks or key operated locks, each wearer is given their own personal locker compartment which is accessible only by them. Whether they’re storing personal belongings, a rented catering uniform or fire retardant overalls, it can’t be accessed by other employees.

A soiled garment collector is also recommended to ensure dirty garments are all put in one place. As part of our workwear rental service, our driver fills each locker with fresh clothes each week for you, and empties the soiled garment collector.

Any garment you send for workwear repairs will be returned back to the locker good as new! You may also be interested in our washroom hygiene services to manage your bathrooms as well.

Our workplace lockers are available in an array of colours and layouts. Unsure what to get? Contact us, and we will be able to help you choose the correct locker to match your workwear rental service.

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