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Dust Control, Anti-Fatigue, Logo Mats & Safety Message Mats

We offer a broad range of mat solutions to enhance any workspace. Our service exchanges each dust mat once per week to ensure the best presentation.

Dust Control Mats

The most common type of mat, these are often placed in high footfall areas in order to protect the floor underneath. We have spent a great deal of time sourcing the best quality mats to ensure minimal to no rippling, which can cause a trip hazard.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

These mats are great for areas where employees often spend a large amount of time standing, such as behind a counter or in front of machinery. They are made of an anti-slip rubber and are cushioned in order to reduce foot ache from long periods of standing.

Logo Mats

Much like our standard dust mat offering, our logo mats are jet printed to include any design or logo to suit your needs, these make superb entrance mats, and add a degree of professionalism to any reception area.

Safety Message Mats

The safety messaging mats, helps to create awareness, and maintain health & safety guidelines within the workplace or public areas. Assisting in supporting your health & safety messages or procedures.

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