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Wash Room Solutions

We offer a broad range of wash room solutions through ourselves directly and through our wash room facilities partnership. All of the below services are contracted through ourselves directly, we manage the entirety of the agreement and invoice all services together. We enable you to have one supplier to cover a large range of options.

Cabinet Towels

Frequently seen in most industrial environments, our cabinet towels are 40 metres long and are changed weekly. The wall-mounted cabinets are provided free on loan, with each towel being invoiced weekly, per change.

Hand Dryers

An alternative to the above Cabinet Towel solution, we offer a complete service package with all of our hand dryer units, giving you peace of mind.

Other Services

Feminine Hygiene Bins, Soap Dispensers, Air Fresheners, Medical Waste/Sharps Disposal and WC/Urinal Sanitising Solutions

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