Washroom Hygiene Services & Solutions

We offer a broad range of washroom hygiene services & solutions through ourselves directly and through our washroom facilities partnership. All the below services are contracted through ourselves directly, we manage the entirety of the agreement and invoice all services together. We enable you to have one supplier to cover a large range of options.

Cabinet Towels

Frequently seen in most industrial environments, our cabinet towels are 40 metres long and are changed weekly. The wall-mounted cabinets are provided free on loan, with each towel being invoiced weekly, per change.

We can provide a separate and dedicated linen towel rental and commercial laundry service with a variety of different towels for cleaning or employee use. Visit the Linen and Flat Towelling page from the Additional Services menu for more information.

Hand Dryers For Bathrooms

Want a hand drying solution with less paper usage than the cabinet towel solution? We offer a complete service package by providing you with hand dryers for bathroom areas, giving you peace of mind.

Other Washroom Hygiene Services

We can also provide and manage the following, with dedicated refilling, resupply, and disposal:

  • Feminine hygiene bins
  • Soap dispensers
  • Air fresheners
  • Medical waste/sharps bin disposal
  • WC/urinal sanitising solutions

Last but not least, we also provide floor protection mats, for dust control or safety messages, through a separate service. Visit the Mat page through the Additional Services menu for more information.

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