Who We Are

Rocliff Workwear & Linen Rental Ltd is situated in 2 new units on Battlefield Enterprise Park on the northern outskirts of Shrewsbury. Rocliff is a sister Company to our highly specialized Drycleaning business Howard & Howard, which has roots supplying laundry services back to the 1800’s.

The two Principal Directors have over 50 years’ experience in the Workwear & Linen Rental market, and like many family run businesses, both directors are heavily involved in the day to day running of Rocliff.

Our vision for our business is to create a culture where our staff work with our customers by responding to their queries and requirements in a professional and timely manner, be that new, existing, small or large, everyone is treated as a valued customer.

Our staff training is paramount to our success, all our staff are multi-skilled and can cover for each other during peak times and holidays to ensure continuity of service. Working weekends and late shifts are not common, but nor are they off limits, if we have a deadline we stick to it.

Although we look at your current service (if you currently have one) we firmly believe that offering our customers the correct garments from the start is an absolute must, we will conduct an in depth survey of your business to ascertain exactly what stress the garments come under and importantly, what your wearers think. By doing this we can offer the correct garments that fulfill health and safety, hygiene and wearer comfort from day one. 

A quality service delivered on time and a Service Team who are easily contacted and understand their customers set us apart from our competitors.

We believe we are the hardest working Workwear business in the area, we care about the service we provide and the customers we provide the service to.

Still not convinced? Ask to speak to one of our customer's local to you, we can set up a referral point within your immediate area for a completely non biased opinion.