As of July 2015 we are happy to announce that we have expanded our repairs team to cope with our ever growing customer base.

Repairs are a staple feature of our Full Rental agreements and is an area of our business which we are very proud of. By correctly maintaining our garments throughout their life, we limit the need for replacements, expensive and time consuming large scale repairs and customer disruption.

We are seeing an increased number of new customers who have been previously supplied with Class 1 protective garments for Class 2 environments. While the Class 1 garments are the initially cheaper item, when you take into account the replacement costs and disruption in service they bring when compared to their Class 2 counterparts, they can actually work out far more expensive.

If you find your wearers are currently in need of frequent repairs, it could indicate that your garment is not up to specification. We would be more than happy to provide a no obligation audit of your current workwear and give our recommendations on the garments which suit your industry.