Rental Only and Launder Only

Rental Only Service

Our Rental Only service allows customers to spread the cost of their workwear rental across weekly payments rather than completely upfront. It also integrates our barcoding system to allow wearer traceability and reports. Where possible we also stock measure kits which allows us to accurately measure your wearers and saves you money by avoiding costly return costs.

Finally and most importantly a Rental Only service gives you access to garments which are not normally available on the shelves, industrial garments last longer and are of better build quality than most if not all retail alternatives.

Rental Only Service Includes

  •          Sourcing the correct garment
  •          Measuring each individual in a pre-shrunk measured garment,
  •          Barcoding to track garments and produce service management reports
  •          Company logo on each garment to enhance image (If Required)
  •          Garment barcoding to give history of wearer use reducing overspend wastage