Other Services

Dust Control Mats

These mats are widely seen and used in all workplaces, they are  predominately placed in entrances, and where there is high footfall.  The mats are commonly known as dirt trapper mats, as they are designed to remove dirt, soil and moisture from foot traffic.

Logo mats are also widely used and are known as Welcome Mats, they can display Company Logo’s or deliver a message when placed in the correct area.

Rental includes regular exchange of clean for dirty and collection/delivery


Wash room

Cabinet towels –

  • 40 metre rolls of towelling
  • Free on loan cabinet
  • Rental includes launder
  • 100% cotton towels

Soap dispensers, Female hygiene bins & Air fresheners



Locker Service

We are also able to offer Workwear lockers which include the following benefits:

Each wearer is allocated their own personal locker compartment, garments are locked away safely, accessable only by the designated staff member. By storing the garments in this way it keeps communal areas clean and tidy

Dirty garments are posted into a soiled collector by the wearer

Soil Collectors are emptied weekly ensuring that all dirty garments are collected for laundering and garments are returned clean and are placed back into the individual compartments by Rocliff



Direct Sales

Through our experience of sourcing a vast array of garments we can meet your workwear and corporate needs..

Garments are purchased directly from us, we provide samples for your approval and wearer trials. Better still, there are no minimum quantities to consider when ordering and our measurement and barcoding service is available to manage your Workwear provision if required.