Full Rental

What are the benefits of a Full Rental service?

A Full Rental service is what is often seen as the industry standard contract, a full rental agreement includes all provisions neccesary for the day to day running of a workwear contract with little to no involvement required by the customer.

Each wearer is given a dedicated amount of workwear and from this they are given a set amount of changes per week. The most common is 3 Issue : 1 Change and 5 Issue : 2 Change, the idea behind this is to ensure that your wearers will always have a clean set of garments to change into each week. Also by spreading the wear across three, five, seven, nine or eleven garments you limit the overall wear on the garment, prolonging their life dramatically.

Repairs, Laundering, Sourcing and Delivery & Collection are all included in the cost of this agreement, you will know exactly what you will be expected to pay each week and can plan your workwear budget accordingly.

Ideal for: Small, Medium and Large Businesses with wearers guaranteed to be sending in their workwear for cleaning each week, or for heavy duty wearers who will require frequent repairs. If you have occasional wearers or wearers who require a clean less than once per week please see "Split Rental".

Full Rental Service Includes

  •          Sourcing the correct garment
  •          Measuring each individual in a pre-shrunk measured garment,
  •          Barcoding to track garments and produce service management reports
  •          Company logo on each garment to enhance image (If Required)
  •          A weekly, twice weekly or daily delivery and collection service. (If Required)
  •          Scanning of each garment into the Plant for Production tracking and control.
  •          Repairs
  •          Launder of Garments and Quality Inspections
  •          Scanning out of the plant, again to ensure complete traceability
  •          Regular service visit by your designated Account Manager
  •          Monthly invoice in arrears with no Hidden or Surprise Extras